The brand new PIVOT is here!


Last week, City & Guilds Kineo’s Managed Learning Service (MLS) celebrated a significant event. After many months of development and testing, we upgraded the software behind our PIVOT platform.


PIVOT brings together three systems – Profiler, Learning Assistant and Totara LMS. They communicate through a set of web services, but until last week, when a learner uploaded proof of learning, it was down to a team of administrators to place it with the right assessor. With the release of PIVOT 1.6, everything changed. 

Files now flow between the learner front end and online assessment tools. We’ve increased efficiency, added stability – and removed the risk of human error.

That wasn’t all. 

Our latest upgrade also included a suite of back office apps that monitor all three systems. Rather than wait to hear that there’s a problem, we proactively manage data, and fix issues before they impact users. 

The 1.6 upgrade not only made PIVOT more efficient, it also gave us the chance to try something new. 

‘My Team’ gives assessors  an overview of their learners. At a glance, they see when someone last logged in, any outstanding messages and overdue tasks. We designed this to help employers prove learner engagement. But we need to know if we’ve got it right and so we’re asking our clients for feedback.

The involvement of end users in product development is key to its ongoing success. 

We don’t customise PIVOT for any one client, instead we encourage them to tell us where we can make things better. A development roadmap keeps track of every idea, and we make sure that our clients know when we're able to act on suggestions.

Our aim remains to put digital at the heart of new standard apprenticeships and with this in mind, by the middle of 2016, we’ll have issued two further PIVOT upgrades. Our users will benefit from even more back office tools, and an improved Individual Learning Plan (ILP). 

All great ideas inspired by our users and the ever-changing market.

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