Articulate Storyline Preview Event

Storyline is the latest development tool shortly to be launched by Articulate. You may be familiar with Articulate already. Their products are among the most used desktop tools out there and ones that we at Kineo use every day. Storyline is not a replacement for Articulate Studio: it’s a totally different product - and we have been working with a Beta version to see what it can do.

We shared what we had done with an audience in London on the 26thSeptember and were lucky to have Don Freda from Articulate with us, to give an update on the product, and answer any questions from the floor – a floor with about 80 people on it.

The end result was pretty impressive. It is flexible and pretty powerful to the extent that the mantra for the day, whenever anyone asked a ‘Can it do…?’ question, the answer was a presidential: “Yes, it can.”

We will be doing a full review when it is launched: Essentially you can do things in the Storyline tool that used to need Flash development. And it is aimed to output to HTML5.

It created quite a buzz at the event. Watch this space: we’ll do a full tool review and share our demo next month once the tool has been formally launched.