Trailblazer Apprenticeship for the Civil Service

For the past six months, City & Guilds Kineo have worked in partnership with the Civil Service to develop a range of qualifications, covering the six skills families for the Operational Delivery Profession.

The aim is to now engage fresh talent in the profession, offering a unique opportunity to develop the right competencies, skills and knowledge through continuous professional development, which will help the Civil Service to deliver the best possible service to citizens in the UK and overseas.

City & Guilds Kineo are helping the Civil Service to realise this aim, working in partnership with Kent County Council and the Operational Delivery Profession to create an Operational Delivery Profession Apprenticeship standard, giving the Civil Service the ability to attract emerging talent by offering internationally recognised, transferable skills - supporting individual career progression and contributing to a strong Civil Service Reform.

The Operational Delivery Profession Apprenticeship is part of the government's trailblazers programme, working to develop new, world-class apprenticeships.

Once the Apprenticeship standard is approved by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, we will continue to work in partnership with Kent County Council and the profession to develop the full City & Guilds apprenticeship, due to launch throughout the Civil Service (including local authorities) from April 2015.

Jake McClure, Assistant Director of Talent, Accreditation and Overseas Delivery for the profession said "We are excited to continue our partnership work with City & Guilds and to complete our fantastic suite of qualifications. It is important to be able to go into schools and show people that not only do we have an alternative to university, but a potentially exciting and diverse career which can take you anywhere in the world."

To find out more about life in the Civil Service and career opportunities, read Jake McClure's blog.

To find out more about City & Guilds apprenticeships for Public Sector employers email us.


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