Clive Shepherd Talks Learning Design with Learning Consultant Catherine Jones

Great elearning design doesn’t happen by itself. It’s a process created by excellent learning designers (and it isn’t easy). Clive Shepherd has been digging deeper in the world of learning design, and discovering how to make engaging learning.

As part of his work with e.learning age, Clive has sought to engage with the elearning industry’s most exciting and creative learning designers. He recently visited the CG Kineo offices in Brighton to talk with Catherine about how to become a learning designer, and discuss what it takes to make key projects a success (hint: it takes more than one person, and countless cups of tea).

In this interview, Clive and Catherine discuss:

  • The career path of a new learning designer
  • What makes good learning design
  • New learning methods, including pervasive and social learning
  • Catherine’s recent work at CG Kineo, including using the multi-device Adapt framework

If you’re interested in a career as a Learning Designer at City & Guilds Kineo, visit our careers page as we’re currently hiring.

If you want to find out more about Adapt, or any of the projects featured in this interview, get in touch.


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