Free Elearning - ELN

 elearning network logo Last week we gave a presentation to the Elearning Network event on free elearning. The focus of our presentation was on the availability of free tools that can enhance your elearning developments.

The key thing about these tools is not that they are free but that they are quality tools which can enhance your learning initiatives. Moodle was selected by the Open University on functionality rather than cost grounds as an example. Though of course the fact they are free can also help you deliver more for less. A key factor for training and development departments these days.

The tools we demonstrated included:

  • open source tools - such as Moodle
  • freeware - such as Audacity
  • free hosted tools - such as Slideshare, SurveyMonkey

To show what is possible we put together a Moodle area on the Kineo demo area to show these free tools in action. This free elearning demo is at You can self register to access the demo and choose the ELN area to see all of the free tools in action, the enrolment key is 'elnpass'.

The key to the effective use of free tools is smart thinking. You can integrate free tools with other commercial tools to develop sophisticated solutions. As one example we showed how you can integrate SurveyMonkey to get learner feedback and then present this back to them for their appraisal and development sessions. We also showed how you can integrate SurveyMonkey effectively with Articulate as we have done on the recent 60 Minute Masters project.

You might also want to visit the free elearning section of our website.

The slides from the presentation are below.