Kineo Insights: Aligning Elearning with Business Goals

In our latest Kineo Insights webinar held on April 28, 2010, we had a lively conversation with some great minds in Learning & Development:

Will Thalheimer, Learning and Performance Consultant and Researcher

Vince Serritella, Former CLO WW Grainger and Director Motorola University

Mike Booth, Learning & Technologies Manager, Cable & Wireless

Our panellists got quite passionate as we talked about defining the mission of an L&D organisation and some best practices and potential pitfalls we may encounter along the way.

The conversation focused on three key areas: alignment, integration and impact.

Some nuggets of wisdom heard in the session:

Vince Serritella on alignment:

“Being in alignment means being intimately aligned with the CEO suite. There’s not any one single table that one needs to be at. But you do need to have a relationship at the CEO level. Then it’s day-in and day-out blocking and tackling and account management with business units.”

Mike Booth on learning to say no:

"Recession proofing the business left us with a smaller L&D group – we can’t focus on the nice-to-haves any more. We have had to learn to say no to more. Now focusing on the 20% of work that adds 80% of the value to the business. Everything needs to be aligned to one of key strategic business programs or corporate goals.”

Will Thalheimer on credibility:

"Sometimes we hear in our field that we ought to be the servants of the business, to create value for the business. To me, we need to shift that to become full partners with the business. We’re not here to be lorded over by a master. To become a full partner you need credibility— you need to build up your competencies.”

The conversation ranged from ways to better measure our elearning efforts, to creating standards, to keeping forcing the conversation on informal learning.