Webinar on making sense of the latest industry trends in L&D


Join us for our Learning Insights webinar where we'll be sharing the technology, learning, and workplace trends we've uncovered in our recent report. We think we've found a winning formula for helping those in L&D navigate their way through a learning landscape that's continually shifting through technological change. As one client described, "It's trying to find True North in a digital blizzard". We can help guide you through.

Put on your flak jacket, and join the expedition

City & Guilds Kineo will be sharing the themes of our Learning Insights report, exploring the emerging patterns, what’s behind them and importantly, discussing what we and you can do about it. 

For four years we’ve been interviewing people across corporate L&D to gather their views as to what’s really happening out there, what learners want, and where technology and learning is going. This has helped us provide valuable insights into annual L&D and learning technology trends, from the pervasive nature of learning in the workplace to the consumerisation of technology and engagement through gamification, among many others.

We've found that over the years, some common themes and aspirations have come up. Whilst lots of new ideas and tactics are being explored, there are still some elephants in the room. What are those common themes, and what might be stopping us embracing all the changes we want to make?

In this year’s report we explore these golden threads and have created some infographics that map key trends and tips. Taking a step back to view the results, we think we've found a winning formula for helping those in L&D navigate their way through the continually shifting learning landscape. So put on your flak jacket and join our virtual expedition. 

Join us at 12:00 PM (BST) on Thursday 28th April 2016 to find out the answers. We look forward to helping you find your way.