Learning Insights 2012: 10 Key Learning Technology Trends

Research by Kineo and e.learning Age has identified 10 key learning technology trends. These trends will be outlined in detail this week in a major new report to be launched at the E-learning Awards in London. The report is based on research with businesses about their use of learning technology.Kineo undertook interviews and meetings with over 30 leading L&D figures across a wide variety of sectors. The interviews included Aviva, BT, BP, Barclays, BUPA, BBC, Vodafone, McDonald's UK, British Army and many others.

A summary of the 10 key trends is below. Download the full report Learning Insights 2012 - Ten Trends from Leading Companies.

E.learning Age and Kineo are both passionately interested in developments in learning and technology. In our respective ways both aim to lead and inform the market through our research and share our insights. Early in 2012 the organisations decided to work together to produce an annual elearning insights report.

Kineo and e.learning Age will be running the first of several Learning Insights Live events on November 15th. At this event we’ll discuss the report with guest speakers including Clive Shepherd and Laura Overton. Limited space is available, find out more on the Learning Insights event.