What We Learned at Learning Technologies 2015

Last week saw over 8,500 visitors pass through the doors of London’s Olympia to visit the Learning Technologies Exhibition and Conference.  Returning for its 18th year, the increase in attendance is further evidence that companies are investing in technology to achieve greater return on their L&D investment.

On Stand 144, we had our busiest show yet, showing our latest Totara and Adapt work and also launching our new #BlendsThatWork campaign by giving away copies of 4 new mini blended learning guides.

With over 250 exhibitors at the show this year, we were delighted to have been the only service provider to appear in the annual Now Comms Exit Poll Top 5 of ‘Must See Companies’.  The Poll also echoed a number of the themes that we came across on stand, with video, games and mobile solutions featuring in the ‘most appealing free seminars’ results.

Get Your Learning Game On

Games and “gamified” learning were a hot topic across both the free Exhibition seminars and the Conference sessions.  There was standing room only at our session looking into the design and success of our award-winning McDonald’s Till Training game – which also appeared in the Exit Poll as a must-see session – and we’ll be running it again soon as a free webinar for anyone that missed it.

Games in Learning seminar at LT15

The Power of Video

Video and bite-sized resources are also starting to grow in popularity as businesses look to gain a greater return on their investment.  It’s a well-established concept that using all senses enhances the learning process but interesting to see it popping up in presentations like United Biscuit’s Conference Session on ‘Video in Learning: The power of seeing it for real’ (T3S6).

Video in Learning: The power of seeing it for real

The Importance of (Blended) Learning Design

In previous years, the actual technology side of mobile learning has been the talking point, but now it seems that people are looking for advice on integrating content on mobile devices with all the other delivery options. Getting the right format of delivery seems to be emerging as the priority.

It represents an increasing maturity in the industry and an increasingly closer connection of training to the everyday interfaces of our learners. The blends that people are talking about seems to be quite sophisticated now and the role of mobile technology much more central.

The additional components in these increasingly complex blends also makes getting the right design blend ever more important. It’s all about managing it sensibly – which confirms that the multi-device solutions like our own Adapt Learning Technology seem to be well aligned with people’s priorities for 2015.   

With learners accessing resources on ever increasing numbers of devices, making sure your content is designed with the end user in mind also becomes more and more important. This came up time and time again in our conversations on the stand.

Great Expectations

We came away from Olympia with a sense that everything is going in the right direction for the industry. Smarter conversations with quite clued in people made all of us very optimistic for the future.  This optimism is also based on what we have seen over the last year as we’ve started working with clients on some really innovative projects that utilise new media and technologies to deliver a more immersive learning experience.

As more businesses turn to these methods as a way of achieving improved ROI – and learner engagement and retention – the increase in demand can only strengthen the industry and lead to yet more advances in learning.  It’s great to be leading the charge, and we're already looking forward to next year's Show, 3-4 February 2016.

Missed our McDonald’s Till Training seminar? Join us for a free webinar entitled ‘Corporate Learning Games – Design Better, Improve Results’, 12pm GMT on February 26th.



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