Reflections From City & Guilds Kineo Director Matt Fox

With my time at City & Guilds Kineo coming to an end, I’ve been reflecting on the experience of the last nine years. From start up to a global business. From four people to over 200. From half a million turnover to over £20million. From humble beginnings offering consultancy advice, all the way to pioneering new ways of designing and building content that has turned the industry on its head. These have been extraordinary transformations and achievements for all of us who have worked in the business.

The Pride of Progress

There’s a lot to be proud of. Over the last few years I moved away from a ‘front of house’ role working with some of our biggest accounts, to running our service delivery. That’s the sharp end of the business in many ways. Ensuring both our clients’ needs and expectations were met (and hopefully exceeded), ensuring we met our commercial targets and in my view, most importantly, ensuring we built a high performing team to help us deliver on our brand commitments.

Anyone who has worked in the elearning industry will know it’s quite a tough game. Although the end product is quite high-tech, the production process involves a lot of different disciplines working as a team to produce what is still pretty much a hand-crafted package. Team work, individual excellence, and a passion for problem solving are all critical to making the work a success; as is just pure hard graft.

Great People Are Key

My own focus and core belief has been that the business really thrives when you put great people in place and support them to achieve all they can. I’m incredibly proud of the people I've worked with and have had the privilege to share time with over the years at CG Kineo. I’m also humbled by the incredible talent and thirst to excel and improve that our people bring with them every day into the workplace.

I’m perhaps most proud of implementing a graduate training scheme into our business, which has attracted a wonderful new influx of talented people into the elearning industry. It’s humbling and exciting to meet the raw talent of people starting off a new career, and to see them flourish and start to coach the next generation of designers. The industry still remains relatively unknown and really needs new blood and ideas to ensure it keeps pace with the speed at which the world is changing. That’s always been part of the CG Kineo DNA, moving at pace in a fast-changing world. And we need to do that equally as employers and for our clients.

I’ve come to appreciate that the needs and expectations of work are shifting massively, and will continue to create a real challenge for employers. Can we create an environment which is flexible enough to meet different needs? Can we create a space for a community to thrive and emerge in ways which might be unexpected (and sometimes) contradict the first instincts of a start-up leadership team? Do we have the creativity to stretch and change to adapt to what our people want from a workplace?

I’ve also been reflecting on what an enormous privilege it is to work as a consultant in other people’s businesses. You get insight into the diverse workings, cultures, challenges and successes of those groups of people and organisations that is pretty much inaccessible in any other way. I’ve had some fantastic clients along the way from whom I’ve learnt a lot (and had a lot of fun working for too).

So to each and everyone of you I’ve had the fortune of working with during my time here, thank you for being a big part of my life these last 9 years.

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