Mentored Tasks: Support Learners Where They Are [Featured in Learning Solutions]

Let’s play pretend. Imagine that you‘re a sales manager for a major pharmaceutical company. Six months ago you rolled out a new process to help your sales representatives assess RFPs (requests for proposals) and opportunities to determine the likelihood of winning the business. The process is built around reviewing a customer’s RFP, completing three Excel worksheets, and then drawing conclusions based on your data. You introduced the process through a series of webinars that seemed to go well, but your team is struggling to implement the new program. You turn to your training manager for help.

She asks you and some key members of your team questions about the steps in the process, why people are struggling, and what outcomes you expect to achieve. One week later she comes back with two options. The training team can either develop a thirty to forty-five minute eLearning module that will provide clear instruction on how to work through the Excel worksheets or they can design a half-day workshop to do the same. The eLearning will be ready in eight to ten weeks and cost $25,000 to produce. The ILT will be ready in four to five weeks and cost $15,000 to produce plus travel costs.

You listen politely and tell her you’ll get back to her shortly. It’s a classic training solution, right? But here’s the problem—you can’t wait even one week to get a solution in-place given the pressure you’re under to improve sales. You don’t have any budget allocated to training, and the last thing you want to do is pull your team from the field for more training that may or may not work. As you bury your head in your hands, you think there must be a better way.

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