What Microsoft Ending Support For XP Means For Your Learning

Something is happening next month which forces those of us who have been ‘in’ elearning for a while feel a bit less young. If you’re of a certain age, cast your mind back to late 2001… We’d survived the Millennium Bug and we were getting to a point where nearly all our client work was being delivered by a browser. That browser was Internet Explorer 6 and it came bundled with Windows XP.

For a time, Windows XP felt like the future. It felt like a lifestyle choice and made us all believe that ‘plug and play’ should be a basic human right (that might just have been me). Sometimes Windows XP even let you ‘burn’ a CD. The world was all ours.

Fast forward to the present day…

However much we cherished and cared for Windows XP, the future it offered somehow lost its sheen along the way. We’ve spent the last 12 years installing service packs and patching up holes. A whole generation of web and elearning developers has matured and watched their dreams die on the wheel of IE6.

On April 8th 2014, Microsoft is officially ending support for Windows XP and - by association - IE6. What does this mean for Windows XP users? There will be no further automatic updates for Windows XP, which means that any computers still running Windows XP will soon become a security risk, with little or no protection from viruses, trojans, ransomware, spyware, and many other scary-sounding things ending in ‘ware’.

Support for hardware and software compatible with Windows XP will also start to dry up. Naming no names, but if you are one of the few remaining Windows XP users, you might start to notice the occasional sympathetic glance…

So, what should you do?

At City & Guilds Kineo, we’ve supported you through every flavour of Windows and Internet Explorer over the years, and we understand that many of you have no control over which version of Windows you have at work.

If you’re not sure which version of Windows you have, or whether you’ll be affected by the retirement of Windows XP next month, you can check here: http://amirunningxp.com/

If you’re still running Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6, we strongly advise you to upgrade or talk to your IT team about upgrading.

You ARE running Windows XP

As with any major upgrade, make sure you test your new setup against your LMS and learning content to avoid any nasty surprises when you do the full rollout.

Finally, get in touch with us if you’re unsure about what any of this means – either share a comment below or drop us an email - we’re happy to advise you. (Remember kids, there’s more than one browser out there - you don’t have to get a newer version of Internet Explorer when you update!)


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