New Qualifications for the Civil Service

Civil Service employees can now get their skills recognised with new City & Guilds Operational Delivery Profession qualifications, developed in partnership with City & Guilds Kineo.

These internationally recognised qualifications will help to improve future career opportunities by upskilling individuals and recognising their existing knowledge and experience with a formal qualification.

The Awards, Certificates and Diplomas range from level 2 to 7 and are supported by Elearning, which allows employees to learn at their own pace before taking the online exams when they are ready.

Jake McClure, Assistant Director of Talent, Accreditation and Overseas Delivery for the profession, spoke to us about the new qualifications and how they are already making a difference.

Skills for the future

'Many Civil Servants join the profession straight from school or university and never have another opportunity to upgrade their qualifications. Whilst they often complete a number of in-house training programmes, they won't necessarily receive external recognition for the new skills and knowledge they have achieved. Ultimately, this impacts on their future career opportunities both inside and outside the Civil Service.

'The new qualifications, which are clearly linked to existing learning opportunities within the Civil Service and the new Civil Service Competency Framework, will help equip government employees for their future career aspirations.'

Reaching 280,000 professionals

'The Operational Delivery Profession helps to ensure that people get the services and protection they need. They make up 70% of the civil service, performing hundreds of jobs in every part of government.

'Because the profession is so large and diverse, it defines jobs based on the common skills needed to do them, rather than by department or agency. An interactive career mapper has recently been launched, which will help staff create objectives for their performance agreements, identify development needs and easily find and access learning, qualifications and opportunities to help them plan their career progression.

'The career mapper also highlights the wide variety of roles in operational delivery and helps individuals to understand where they fit in the profession.'

Yolanda Peck, Senior Business Manager at City & Guilds Kineo responsible for supporting Public Sector Employers, believes that the new Operational Delivery Profession qualifications will help to enhance career opportunities within the profession, saying "we have worked in partnership with the profession, Civil Service Learning and over 150 representatives across the country to ensure that the qualifications developed add value for the Civil Service and the learners, providing the necessary currency for them to progress through their career".


If you are an existing Civil Servant, you can register for the Operational Delivery Profession Qualifications.

If you are not a Civil Servant, but are interested in piloting the qualifications in your organisation, please contact Yolanda Peck.

Visit Premier Partnership's website for more detailed information on the Civil Service qualifications.


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