Onboarding For Results Webinar [SLIDES & RECORDING]

Onboarding. Induction. New hire integration. Whatever you call yours, is it as good as it could be? Following the release of our Onboarding for Results guide, we conducted a webinar discussing the importance of integrating empathy into onboarding, providing tips and advice on how you can meet both the new hire's and organisational needs.

Newbies, Welcome Onboard

Highlighting the need to involve new hires very early on (perhaps even before day 1), this webinar gave the business case for delivering onboarding with high empathy. By providing learners with a sense of belonging, they are likely to be more engaged and more likely to learn throughout the onboarding process.

Full of tips and ideas that help you get the balance between efficiency and empathy, this webinar showed how to get your onboarding from good to great, showcasing client demos and real life examples of how other organisations are doing it.

Below you will find both the recording and slides from the webinar. Feel free to share (everyone loves to share, right?), and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below:

Recording of the Webinar

Slides From the Webinar

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