Top Tasks for Learning Departments in 2014

The 2013 Learning Insights report identified a number of key trends and challenges for Learning & Development departments. In the Slideshare below we set out what departments can do to respond positively to these challenges and highlight ten top tasks.

The slides review the key challenges which are emerging as a consequence of a changing world including multi-devices, mobile workforces, social learning and ongoing financial pressures. We have outlined our thoughts on the ways in which L&D departments can respond to these changes in the slides and set out ten key tasks as follows:

  1. Establish a culture of pervasive learning
  2. Increase empathy in your learning experiences
  3. Let Google lead – but don’t fall too far behind
  4. Improve systems – reduce the cost of technology and development
  5. Make it personal – engage and tailor learning
  6. Make assessment an experience not an event – think beyond the test
  7. Follow the money – prove value with variety of measures
  8. Line managers – support your empathy agents
  9. Be a consultant – lead and do things differently
  10. Become an authority – “Design and delivery is a commodity, expertise is a differentiator”


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