Towards Maturity - Take Part in their Benchmarking Survey

towards maturityWe’re big admirers of the work that Towards Maturity does in promoting the benefits of using learning technologies in the workplace. Their 2010 benchmark survey is up and running, and we’d urge you to make the time to take part.

Towards Maturity is once again running its annual benchmarking survey of the state of learning technology in the UK workplace. The 2010 Survey was launched a few weeks ago, and just like many others in the elearning industry, we support it and urge you to take some time to share your thoughts. In return, you receive an invaluable personalised report showing not only the findings, but also how your organisation benchmarks against others in the UK - and everyone wants to know where they stand, don't they?

You can find out more about the Towards Maturity 2010 Learning Technology Benchmark Survey here. Or if you're ready to dive in, click here to take the survey.

We look forward to sharing the findings in a future article - in the mean time, well done to Laura and all the team for all the good work you do.