Introducing: Totara 2.7 Demo Series

Whether you have already taken the leap and chosen Totara for your LMS or are still considering your options, we have a great mini-webinar series that will allow you to explore the newest features and capabilities of Totara 2.7.

Totara 2.7: Face-to-Face [DEMO]

Presenter: Tayla Craig, Kineo US Learning Platform Specialist

This is first in the series of Totara 2.7 webinars. We will explore the newest additions of the face-to-face (F2F) feature of Totara 2.7.

Totara 2.7 allows users to add themselves to a list of users who are interested in a F2F session. This is particularly helpful for scenarios where the session dates have not yet been released, or the current sessions are already full. All self-signups and session admin sign-ups will automatically be set to a “waitlist” instead of “booked”. Additional F2F support comes in the form a new enrolment plugin which allows users to sign up for a F2F session and be enrolled in the course via a single step.

In this webinar, we will demo the following features:

  • Declare interest in session
  • Cut-off date and minimum session capacity
  • Enrollment plugin
  • Session self-approval
  • Disabling sign-up cancellations
  • Added new auto waitlist and signup lottery in face-to-face
  • Enrollment integration into course

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Totara 2.7: Reporting [DEMO]

Presenter: Susan Hurley, Kineo US Senior Implementation Consultant

There’s some great new powerful functionality around reporting within Totara 2.7. In this webinar, we will demo the following reporting features:

  • Badges issued report source
  • Report aggregation
  • Report graphing
  • Report graph block
  • Graphical reporting performance
  • Added 'is completed', 'is in progress', and 'is not yet started' columns to report sources
  • Added a new option to hide records between two dates in report builder date filters

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Totara 2.7: Appraisals [DEMO]

Presenter: Justin Moll, Kineo US Implementation Consultant

Totara LMS has been working hard to enhance and improve the Performance Management section of Totara 2.7. Some of the key updates include:

  • Greater efficiency around adding and removing users from appraisals
  • User managers, manager’s manager or appraiser can now be easily changed
  • Appraisals are no longer automatically closed when all users are complete. The admin must now close an appraisal when it is no longer required
  • New results/summary page at the end of a completed stage/appraisal

In this webinar, we will demo these new enhancements.

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