Kineo Hosts Event in NYC to Share Industry Insights

Kineo, global leader in learning solutions, hosted 'Konnect' NYC on Thursday, December 5th at Scandinavia House in New York, NY, where over 30 business leaders gathered to network and share industry insights.

Kineo recently launched a report focusing on the top learning insights for 2014, based on interviews from over 20 industry leaders. Steve Rayson, CEO of Kineo (UK) and author of the report, gave an overview of these insights and how they relate to current L&D challenges.

Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design (US), moderated discussion. Panelists included representatives from City & Guilds, Kineo's parent company; McKinsey & Company, Prudential and UNICEF. The panel and attendees shared everyday challenges, best practices and tips for developing strategy.

"It's an interesting time in our industry as we try to stay aligned with corporate goals and strategy while at the same time harnessing the wealth of resources available on the web. The group really dug into this topic and shared some terrific challenges and insights." says Steve Lowenthal, CEO, Kineo (US). 

Kineo (US) announced plans early this fall to begin hosting 'Konnect events to bring together industry leaders for thoughtful dialogue and knowledge sharing. Sharing is a big part of Kineo's company culture and 'Konnect' is an outward extension of this. Kineo has plans to host a spring event in 2014. 

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Read the 2013 Learning Insights report. 

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