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What’s more festive than New York City at Christmastime? How about a Kineo event!

Alright, maybe our idea of festivity is slightly biased. But we were excited to bring out the green this holiday season, Kineo to host the first of its semi-annual ‘Konnect’ events on December 5th in New York, NY. More than 30 business leaders in learning and development attended and shared their challenges and insights.

Meghan Young, Kineo’s Senior Solutions Consultant, kicked things off from the stylish Scandanvia House, followed by Steve Rayson, Managing Director City & Guilds Kineo, who gave an overview of our recently released 2013 Learning Insights report.

Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design, moderated a lively discussion. Panelists included representatives from City & Guilds, McKinsey & Company, Prudential and UNICEF. Representatives from Barclays, KPMG, UBS, JetBlue, Wiley Publishing, Thomson Reuters and other global organizations were in attendance, providing lively conversation and sharing everyday challenges, best practices and tips for developing strategy.

Hot Topic #1: Get Pervasive: More Power to the Learner

The top of people’s hotlist? The shifting role of L&D departments in the connected web 2.0 world where knowledge and information are only a click away and how they constructively influence the use of social media on workplace. Participants confirmed a general trend, of L&D shifting from managing the details to setting goals and facilitating access to resources.

One attendee commented: “It’s not the role of the L&D department to give answers, but to support employees in developing unique solutions.”

With learning becoming more pervasive and informal, there’s a clear shift in the role of learning and development departments.

Hot topic #2: Get Social or Quit

Social media in the workplace was another hot topic. Many organizations are struggling to find a balance between control and encouragement. Limiting social media in the workplace has had repercussions and often makes employees seek out alternative means, such as ”underground” networks and ubiquitous tools like LinkedIn and Facebook. One attendee shared a story about an employee that quit on account of not having access to his social media accounts. Though extreme, this demonstrates the value employees put on social media and the need to articulate an organizational stance on its role in learning.

Other organizations and leaders commented on how social media can personalize the employee learning experience and increase employee engagement, especially in transitional stages. A representative from Barclays shared how Live ‘Jam’ sessions (that’s right social can be a live event too!) were utilized to kick start internal dialogue on values and ethics.

Hot topic #3: Get Clear On the ‘Why’ Before the How

One of the most interesting points of discussion was the idea of “why”. Often times, companies focus on the tools and technology and can lose sight of the “why”---the reason for the learning and the outcomes they aim to see in their organization. This sparked debate on whether new tools and technology are merely a distraction from the underlying issues. There were mixed comments, but many agreed that the “why” is central to L&D, but technology and tools help make the “why” a reality.

We started the ‘Konnect’ series to bring leaders and practitioners together across the U.S.. Our culture emphasizes sharing and Konnect is a great extension of this. We are looking forward to future events and expanding to other cities, such as Chicago and San Francisco. A virtual Konnect is also in the works to provide individuals in outside territories the opportunity to participate.

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