Kineo Pacific Shares the Latest on Adapt Learning at the LearnX Main Event

Kineo Pacific, co-hosts of the 2014 LearnX Main Event in Melbourne on October 14th, are excited to share the latest on Adapt Learning in a special Award Headliner seminar. 

Adapt Learning, consecutive two-time Platinum LearnX Award winner for Best Elearning Design Technology has changed the way enterprise elearning is delivered; via multi-devices, with the help of responsive elearning design. Adapt Learning is a revolutionary open source framework that allows learners to access their learning on-the-go, across laptops, smartphones and tablets. In the modern workforce where teams are increasingly becoming more global, time-poor, and need accessible learning, no matter at home or in the office - Adapt, multi-device Learning is the answer. At this year's LearnX Main Event, Kineo Pacific will be giving the inside scoop on why Adapt Learning can change the way organisations design and deliver their learning and development programmes. 

Best Elearning Design Technology: Adapt Learning Seminar - Room 104, 12:45pm - 1:15pm 

Last year, Souraya Khoury, Elearning Solutions Manager from Kineo Pacific's Melbourne office introduced LearnX delegates to the Adapt Framework in it's infancy. Now, a year later, Adapt has skyrocketed to become the favourite open source learning technology for multi-device design and delivery, and a major influence on the learning and development industry. In this LearnX Main Event Award Headliner seminar, Souraya will look at the latest Adapt Learning case studies across compliance, onboarding, and product knowledge with clients such as: Commonwealth Bank Group, TUI Travel, the Scouts Association, and Mitsubishi Motors. She'll demonstrate what the benefits of a multi-device learning experience are, such as accessibility, flexibility and innovative design approaches, like the unique scrolling and block component structure of Adapt, and how multi-device learning has been successfully launched in these organisations and has helped deliver results. 

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Get a Sneak Peak at the Adapt Authoring Tool 

With a bustling community of developers that are collaborating together over at the Adapt Learning Community, the Adapt roadmap is constantly evolving due to the nature of the framework being open source. At the Kineo Pacific booth, delegates have the opportunity to get a sneak peak at the Adapt Authoring Tool - a must see for those keen on cutting edge approaches to learning and development! 

Want more? We've got you covered:

  • Attend one of our industry expo sessions where we'll be discussing how to design and implement a better onboarding and induction solution so that your new hires don't jump ship early (including how some organisations have used Adapt to reel them in); and how strategic storytelling  in sales and product knowledge training can help grow your business.
  • Grab yourself a copy of one of our new industry best practice guides and demo some of our Adapt courses.
  • See how to take your multi-device elearning courses to a responsive LMS with Totara LMS Mobile.
  • Meet Steve Rayson and the rest of the Kineo Pacific team!

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