We Are Family – the global City & Guilds Kineo family

Our world here at City & Guilds Kineo is shrinking. After having been lucky enough to spend some time with the teams located in Cape Town, Wellington, Melbourne and Chicago – I have become very conscious of this.  Now, as part of our family, news stories about blizzards in Chicago, or earthquakes in New Zealand, don’t seem a long way away. They matter. They affect my colleagues, our clients.

This shrinking world brings history to life for us. Past events really matter because of how they have shaped the society and culture of each of our global offices. Now when I think about South Africa, I think about the country’s journey dealing with its past. Not just out of general interest, but because of its impact on local employment, and what it means about our ability to attract and recruit talent in Cape Town.

So I've become aware that each office has its differences and own set of challenges, but I've also been able to appreciate how strong our similarities are and how interconnected the team is across the globe.

Family traits (and eccentricities!)

No matter which office, I’ve felt at home. We share so much in common. For instance, from its early days, City & Guilds Kineo has always given back to its local community, not least through regular community projects.  Kineo South Africa is the same. The team talked with great passion about wanting to give something back to South Africa, about the power of education and training and the opportunities that this gives people.

City & Guilds Kineo also shares a pleasing eccentricity. I love our Brighton foible – the didgeridoo player who accompanies our weekly fire alarm test. And the slide in Sheffield – a three story helter skelter.  And I loved joining in Wellington’s daily general knowledge quiz.  I had always wondered what it is about City & Guilds Kineo and our love of windy cities (Chicago is metaphorically windy, Wellington really is windy), but what is it about our people and the floor?


The Chicago office's daily afternoon press-ups


wellington earthquake drill

The Wellington office doings its annual earthquake drill

A truly global organisation

Not only are we global through virtue of having offices around the world; the people who work in them are also global. I had the great privilege of being at the Nine Lanterns office in Melbourne when we signed the contract that welcomed them as our newest addition to our family. Naturally we opened champagne and toasted to the future, but we also shared tales of where we had all come from – I represented the UK but was brought up in New York, while a lot of the Nine Lanterns team originally came from the UK, and many from places as diverse as Vietnam and Moldova.

Strength in Numbers

Here in the UK we’ve enjoyed an increasing number of opportunities to work globally with our extended family.  Many clients such as Google and Philips appreciate that we're able to offer them a multinational team working with our colleagues in Chicago to match their teams based in the UK and US. This global effort has been exciting, and literally, very rewarding. This year Kineo Pacific has won four awards for their projects with the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. We're thrilled in the UK because we worked in partnership with the Pacific team on both these projects. The UK team has also worked with the Cape Town team on many projects, delighting clients such as Samsung and McDonald's.

With Kineo’s continued growth and endeavours to work closely between our offices worldwide, we are excited by the opportunities it gives us as well as our clients. Though in some ways our world seems much smaller, it has become a lot more interesting.

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