Learning to Love Gamification and Blends at Elearnz

Last week, the Kineo Pacific team was in full force at the Elearnz Conference at the Maritime Room in Auckland, sharing the latest insights and resources on everything from blends to onboarding and game-based learning.

Our very own Senior Instructional Designer, Richard Durham took the stage on Day 1 of the event, and shared his passion for gamification in his presentation: Not Another Leaderboard, Or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Gamification. Richard looked at the “why” and “how” of using behavioural game theory, while equipping delegates with necessary questions and techniques to improve learner behaviour.

Watch Richard's Presentation:

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Richard will be hosting a complimentary webinar, Play to Learn by Learning to Play on August 26th at 11am AEST/1pm NZST - sign up today, and participate in what will be a highly interactive (and fun) hour of learning about play! 

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Getting the Onboarding Party Started with Blends

On Day 2 of Elearnz, Tina Griffin, Learning Solutions Manager based in our Wellington office, had everyone on their feet singing about the onboarding journey to the tune of Love Boat (literally). She shared how blends are becoming more complex, by virtue of learning professionals starting to look more closely at the 70 in the 70/20/10 and what one can really do in a structured, trackable framework, while the richness in the types of activities that are involved in these programmes are no doubt due to the various technology involved such as LMS portals and multi-devices. So knowing blends are making a transformation, how can we make a better onboarding programme?

Watch Tina's Presentation, Navigating the Onboarding Journey

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