E-Learning Market Update (June 2010)

This month we take a look at the recent UK Training and Development Factbook 2010 and CIPD’s UK Learning and Talent Development 2010 survey. We have been digging through the statistics to see what trends are emerging and the implications for e-learning. It's all good news, if you look at it the right way...

The good news

The good news is that e-learning is the learning and talent development practice that has increased the most, with six in ten (62%) organisations saying they use it more than in 2009. Overall 85% of organisations surveyed said they used e-learning.

For almost half (46%) of organisations, the major organisational change affecting learning and talent development in the next five years will be a greater integration between coaching, organisational development and performance management to drive organisational change. For almost four in ten (37%), it will be greater responsibility devolved to line managers.

This has implications for the role of e–learning in supporting other programmes of development activity such as coaching and also in supporting performance management to help meet the needs of organisations.

The bad news

Two-thirds (65%) of responding organisations declared that their economic circumstances declined in the past 12 months, compared with 46% in 2009.

It's no surprise that over the last 12 months learning and development budgets decreased for over half (52%) of organisations, while only one in ten organisations (11%) expect budgets to increase in the year to come.

A separate study by Bersin & Associates study, the “U.K. Training and Development Factbook 2010: Benchmarks, Trends and Analysis of the U.K. Training Market” reported that organisations in the U.K. cut their training and development budgets by 4 percent and reduced training staff by 5 percent last year. According to Bersin the cuts in training budgets in the US were much steeper at 11% last year.

The tables below tell the story for the last 12 months according to CIPD.

learning survey

The big surprise was that when asked about future budgets only 19% of public sector organisations expected their training budgets to decrease.

learning budgets

The survey took place before the election of a new Coalition Government in May 2010 and the coming 12 months will be much more difficult in the public sector than anticipated in the CIPD survey. The new Coalition Government has already agreed to cut the expenditure of all government departments by 25% over the next 5 years. It is difficult to see training budgets being immune from this process.

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