Market Update (May 2007)

Our round up of e-learning news this month includes:

  • UK Company News
  • E-learning industry trends
  • Cool open source tools

UK company news

Thirdforce have completed their acquisition of Mindleaders, a deal worth $18 million. They are rapidly becoming one of the largest UK based e-learning companies following their previous acquisition of Creative Learning Media.

Atlantic Link continue to go from strength to strength with new clients including the Fire Service College.

There appears to be trouble afoot at Learning Light. We are not in a position to comment but you can read Donald Clark's blog report which is as always highly entertaining. Learning Light Spontaneously Combusts

E-learning industry trends

Thanks to the blogs we came across a couple of e-learning industry overviews this month.

Clive Shepherd has highlighted in the UK the CIPD Learning and Development Survey 2007 and the responses to it. The survey noted that "pressure of time is by far the most commonly cited barrier to learning in organisations". Clive particularly liked the reflections on the survey. As he points out "at the end you'll find a brilliant analysis by Daniel Wain called Lies, Damn Lies and a Few Home Truths. ...this guy can write and he's not afraid who he upsets. Please read it."

Meanwhile in the US Cammy Bean (always on the pulse) listened to the recent Adobe seminar: Overview of the eLearning Industry. Some of the key bits she picked up from the seminar were as follows:

The Corporate Training Market is BIG -- almost $56 billion in the U.S.

Corporate training trends

  • blended learning (can't do it all online)
  • on-demand (smaller chunks)
  • rapid tools (get training out quickly)
  • shared services (orgs setting up centrally managed training tech groups)
Informal content is growing
  • 72% of training content is used informally. This is expected to increase.
  • Podcasting, rapid e-learning, short videos, mobile delivery.

Use of Open Source Tools growing

  • 33% of responders said they are currently using Open Source tools

Rapid E-learning growing
But often Content Development/Training dept builds templates -- then gives to SMEs -- so that SME can think about key points, objectives, assessment questions -- then template given back to ISDs to organize it better, rephrase it.

Read Cammy's full review on her blog.

Cool Open Source Tools

Brent Schenkler has listed a range of open source tools on his blog which caught our attention. We particularly liked Open Croquet and Pachyderm.

Also as Brent is a keen fan of RSS, like us, a link to his posting RSS in plain English.