ELearning Market Update – November 2011

This month we take a look at Ambient Insight’s new research report on the mobile learning market and key trends.

Ambient’s (www.ambientinsight.com) latest mobile report was published in September 2011 and provides a useful insight into current mobile learning trends and developments.

The US market is currently the largest country buyer of mobile learning products and services, which reached $958.7 million in 2010. The forecast five year compound annual growth rate is 13.7%. The next two largest country markets for mobile learning are Japan and South Korea. The highest growth rate though is in China and by the end of the five year period China will be the second largest buying country after the US.

To put the size of the market into context, Ambient forecast the overall US market for elearning products and service in 2010 to be $18.2m and growing at 6%, half the rate of mobile learning. At the end of the five year period they forecast that the US mobile learning market will be $1.82bn and the overall market will be $24bn. Thus mobile learning products and services will be just over 7% of the overall market. That’s a lot of mobile learning.

The strongest markets currently identified are the military and health markets. The report identifies that corporates have been late adopters of mobile learning. Thus while the growth rate is high in the corporate sector, the sector has lower revenues. The corporate sector is the sixth largest buying sector in 2010 and by 2015 it will be the fourth largest buying sector.

However, there is growing interest within corporate. Apple is encouraging the growth with an enterprise licence allowing corporates to host their own iTunes app store behind the firewall. A number of corporates now have internal app stores such as IBM, Google, Sap, Kraft, Pepsi, and Accenture with a mix of commercial content and apps developed in house.

The supplier market is categorised as:

  • Packaged applications and content
  • Services including custom content
  • Technology including development tools and platforms

There has been an explosion of tools and technologies available to create mobile content. One of the major issues has been trying to develop products for several device operating systems. The report (published in September 2011) states that no operating system has more than a total of 8% market share in the US. This makes it difficult for developers in needing to create and support multiple versions. Ambient state “HTML5 is now positioned to solve this problem.”

By the end of this year all of the major mobile web browsers will support HTML5 and all the major authoring tool providers such as Lectora, Articulate, Rapid Intake, Flash, Claro, Raptivity, etc. all now support the development of HTML5 content. Thus there is a growing choice of authoring tools to create cross platform mobile content.

The highest growth sector in mobile learning according to Ambient is packaged generic content. Many corporations are building and selling their own mobile content directly. Cisco is one example.

At Kineo we have been seeing these trends reflected in our own clients and we are undertaking mobile learning projects for major banks, telephony companies and product companies.

Do you agree with Ambient’s view of the mobile learning market – or are you seeing other trends? Take part in the discussion on our ELearning Professionals LinkedIn Group.

For more on Kineo’s mobile learning services see http://www.kineo.com//services/elearning/mobile.

By Steve Rayson