Elearning Market Update (October 2007)

October has been a traditionally busy month for e-learning companies and this one has been no exception.

Can you feel the buzz?

There appears to be a real buzz of excitement in the UK industry, which we expect to be reflected at January’s Learning Technologies Exhibition. With over 120 exhibitors and 3,000 visitors it will provide a good snapshot of what’s what in the industry. We’ll be there – see you on January 30th and 31st in the Kensington Olympia, stand 71.

In the US the DevLearn event takes place in San Diego next week. We’ll look to charm the globe-trotting Clive Shepherd into giving us a report on proceedings next month. Clive is there presenting his 60 Minute Masters, a free one hour programme on how to design rapid e-learning. We have built this for Clive using the rapid e-learning tool Articulate; look out for the launch next week.

In the UK and Ireland, Thirdforce, Pulse Learning, LINE and Outstart have all announced good growth results which appear to underline the general health of the private market.

Things might be slightly different in the public sector, where Huveaux, owners of Epic, have been approached by private equity companies interested in acquiring the group. This follows a report that it expects this year's earnings either to miss expectations or be at the bottom end of a range of previous forecasts. In the UK it said government cutbacks in training dented the performance of the learning division.

White Paper bonanza

It’s a great month for free white papers. Might we humbly suggest you start with our free guide on Rapid E-learning design – but there’s more out there, and as you know we are partial to a bit of free stuff. So thanks to Clive Shepherd (him again) who pointed out a very useful new White Paper this month from Mohive on effective steps to localisation of content.

Another useful White Paper out this month was written by Mark Abedour on Open Source LMSs.

Moodle still dominates the open source LMS space but we have talked to a number of clients this month and seen increasing articles about the potential of both Ilias and Sakai. These are still small relative to Moodle but certainly worth a look.

We will be exploring both of these in more detail in a future newsletter. If you can’t wait until then, have a look now by setting up accounts here:

It’ll be interesting to watch what these open source LMSs do to take on the Moodle juggernaut. We’ll be talking to some of the key players to find out next month.