ELearning Market Update October 2010

A new report by Global Industry Analysts forecasts the global e-learning market will reach $107.3bn by 2015. We are often sceptical of such global forecasts but the detail makes interesting reading and appears to reinforce trends that we are experiencing ourselves.

The report highlights a number of key drivers which are apparent to all of us in the e-learning world. These include:

  • the need to meet the needs of a globally dispersed workforce
  • the intention to centralise content
  • the desire to lower costs of delivery
  • the need to ensure consistent delivery of training and communications
  • the demand for anytime, anywhere learning

The desire to achieve real business results is reflected in our own projects, in this week’s free webinar we share case studies from Marks and Spencer and McDonald’s showing how e-learning saved them over $2m in costs and also improved business performance.

There is also a real need to deliver global learning solutions which we see as we work with clients across our global offices. Having local teams, particuarly learning designers, is proving essential to developing learning solutions which reflect cultural nuances. We are well aware of the differences in designing solutions for say clients in Chicago, London or Tel Aviv, the differences go far beyond language and translations.

The US and Europe dominate the global e-learning market with more than 70% of total revenues. Whilst Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market for e-learning with a compound annual rate of over 20%. We have been following developments in Asia-Pacific and will be announcing some exciting news shortly on Kineo developments in this region.

According the to the GIA survey e-learning is now “the second most employed method for imparting learning in organisations” by hours of learning. This is a significant increase over recent surveys and reflects the growing adoption of e-learning globally.

In the UK e-learning market we have seen a series of staffing changes amongst our former friends and colleagues. The recent changes have seen Nick Timpson move from Epic to OutStart, Lars Hyland go in the reverse direction from Brightwave to Epic and Tracy Capaldi-Drewett move from Epic to Redtray. We wish them all well in their new careers, and we hope to be reviewing some of the exciting learning technology available from OutStart in our next Newsletter.

By Steve Rayson