Life as a Marketing Apprentice at City & Guilds Kineo: 6 Months In

Faced with the 'what next?' decision as I entered the final year of my formal education, I opted for the Apprenticeship route. I've already attended the Skills Show and a River Cottage conference, chaired the Apprenticehip4England debate, and helped out at the Skills Debate... and I've still got another six months to go!

apprenticeships-logoAlthough currently Marketing Apprentice at City & Guilds Kineo, marketing is not the only team that I have had the opportunity to work with. Being an apprentice has given me the chance to travel round the company and work with a variety of colleagues in the City & Guilds Group.

For me, coming straight out of Sixth Form into an apprenticeship was the best decision I could have made: At 18 I didn’t know what I wanted to do and if I’m honest I am still not 100% certain. But this apprenticeship is allowing me to see so many areas of corporate life, helping me to decide what I would like to do in the future through experience.

The opportunities

This apprenticeship has given me so many opportunities to get involved with different projects, for example taking part in the start up of the Voice of Apprentices, being an Apprenticeship Ambassador with Apprentice Connect and even chairing the Apprenticeship4England Debate.

Projects such as these have allowed me to meet other apprentices and young people who are thinking about or have already chosen the vocational alternative to university.

The learning experience

Being an apprentice has made me realise that asking questions should be a daily occurrence rather than something to be avoided. At first I thought not having any experience in marketing would be a bit of a problem but that hasn’t been the case. The support and encouragement I have had from my team has made me become more confident in my job role and I know if I have a question I will not hesitate to ask any one of them.

It’s important to mention that when on an apprenticeship it is not just the job role that you learn but also the life skills that come along with it. From learning how to budget, presenting to an audience or even getting used to a nine to five job. It might all sound very basic, but for someone who had come straight out of Sixth Form it took some time to learn and adjust to.

This apprenticeship so far has been a brilliant experience: I am learning new skills every day and I know that will be the case until the very last day of my 12 months as an apprentice. No day is the same and every day there is a new challenge or something that I have never done before. But for me that is what an apprenticeship is all about, earning a wage and gaining work experience and life skills at the same time.

Working at City & Guilds Kineo

I'd definitely recommend City & Guilds Kineo as an employer to anyone who enjoys working in a fun team on interesting projects and who is looking for great opportunities to grow and develop - both personally and professionally.

At the end of this Apprenticeship I hope that I can stay on at City & Guilds Kineo and further my career in marketing - it's been a fantastic experience so far.



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