Adapt Open Source Framework for Multi-Device Elearning Launched by City & Guilds Kineo and Community

City & Guilds Kineo, Elearning Company of the Year and founders of the Adapt open source elearning framework, are delighted to announce the release of version 1.0 of the framework today, to coincide with Learning Technologies 2014.

Adapt is designed to solve a problem in elearning. Delivery to multiple devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and desktop is a must-do in most organisations. However, creating multiple versions for each device is expensive and difficult to maintain.

To overcome this, City & Guilds Kineo pioneered the concept of Responsive Elearning Design, which means one version of elearning that responds intelligently to the device it's viewed on.

To bring RED into the mainstream, in 2012 City & Guilds Kineo began the development of the Adapt Learning framework. It was created as a means of delivering responsive elearning design. It’s been delivered for clients including Network Rail, Compass, Scouts Association and TUI, among others.

In 2013, as passionate believers in Open Source, City & Guilds Kineo decided to make Adapt an open source project, so any organisation can download and access it. City & Guilds Kineo donated the framework in September 2013 and the collaborators on this project, including Learning Pool and Sponge UK, spent the last few months refactoring this framework to be more modular and built on a plug-in architecture.

On the launch of the framework today, Sven Laux, City & Guilds Kineo Technical Director said:

"We are delighted to release the Adapt Framework to the public today. It has been a great collaborative effort and we hope it will have a big, positive impact on the elearning industry. The framework is free to use and modify. We would like to establish it as an industry standard while working on the authoring tool.

Get the code here and join the community.

Let City & Guilds Kineo help you make the most of Adapt - see us at stand 142

We’ve been implementing Adapt for our clients for over a year now, including TUI, National Rail, Scouts Association and more. We’ve developed a set of design best practices – and of course we love to share and talk about them.

At Learning Technologies 2014, come visit City & Guilds Kineo on stand 142 and at the Green Room sessions to see Adapt and Totara LMS mobile create a whole mobile learning experience.

If you’d like to attend LT14 but haven’t registered, there’s still time. Go to the Learning Technologies 2014 website.

Or if you can’t wait for the show, find out more at


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