Adapt Update: Kineo’s Open Source Project Gains Momentum

Following our announcement that Kineo’s responsive elearning framework, Adapt, will be made open source, we hosted a webinar and an event in July to kick off the project. With the help of the elearning community we are now formulating a vision statement and planning the all important governance structure and roadmap.

We reached out to several organisations who indicated willingness to make a significant contribution on the development front and explored alignment to the vision statement. And a productive follow up meeting took place at Kineo HQ in mid-August.

As a result, we have invited two other organisations to the founding developer group. Great to see open source up and running!

Next steps

We are now working on setting up a community site and are taking the initial steps to get the open source project truly started. This includes defining the roadmap and carrying out initial tasks to ready the framework to be released as open source (e.g. to refactor code into a plug-in architecture). This task will start in earnest in September.

Stay informed, get involved!

We will post further updates once the community site is set up and ready. To find out the latest on Adapt and how to join the community, check out the Google+ Adapt page.

I missed something...what’s Adapt?

So very glad you asked. Adapt is the new responsive elearning design framework that Kineo has developed. It enables us to design a single piece of elearning in HTML5 that will run on multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. It’s based on the principles of Responsive Elearning Design.

Never mind your open source project – I need mobile, multi-device elearning now!

Not a problem. That’s what we do. and we’d be happy to design and develop a multi-device solution for you, as we’ve done for Vodafone, Barclays, Logitech and many others.


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