City & Guilds and Kineo share Elearning and Platform Innovations in New Case Study

Last year, City & Guilds partnered with Kineo to develop a new approach to vocational learning. The highly innovative blended programme has been shortlisted for an Elearning Award and features in a new case study on the Kineo website.  The partnership between the organisations subsequently strengthened, with Kineo joining the City & Guilds group shortly after delivery of the project.

As the leading vocational awarding organisation, it’s vital for City & Guilds to be at the forefront of providing innovative educational content, assessment and tracking combined with technology to support improved learning outcomes.

Training providers are under increasing pressure to support learners with more engaging learning, supporting greater retention and achievement rates.

In the Food and Drink sector (where City & Guilds focused their pilot), training providers struggle with retention rates as well as attempting to deliver differentiated classes on skills, such as filleting fish or baking bread, to a mixed ability cohort. These lessons often take place in kitchens where specialist equipment and ingredients can be costly, with little room for learners to make mistakes.

City & Guilds portal delivered by Kineo

The vision for the new portal and learning project was to address this challenge through a greater use of elearning, and integration of different services into a single experience for learners and tutors.

City & Guilds partnered with Kineo to develop a comprehensive solution which included:

  • An marketing-focused industry portal to attract new people into the food and drink sector, full of videos and community resources
  • A routemap tool to enable learners to track their progression
  • A set of over 40 learning resources including high impact videos and animations
  • All integrated into a learning platform powered by Totara LMS, the open source LMS co-developed by Kineo
Feedback has been very strong:

  • 58% of learners say they’re more likely to complete with the system in place – it helps more able students stay motivated
  • 55% of learners said they were more motivated than normal for courses
  • If used for full course duration 100% of tutors say it would drive a performance improvement
  • Learners were drawn to their learning - 24% logged on outside of college

Stephen Walsh, Kineo Director said: “It’s great to work on true innovation projects. This collaboration with City & Guilds was definitely one of those, with an original learning strategy and a customised portal to engage harder to reach learners. As part of the City & Guilds group, we’ve built on the investment in the platform and content with even closer collaboration”.

Kirstie Donnelly, Director of Product Development at City & Guilds commented: "This has been an incredibly important project as it has allowed us to really get close to and understand what our customers and learners most value in respect to how learning technology and online content can become a positive disrupter to the more traditional vocational course delivery."

Find out more about this award nominated case study.


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