City & Guilds Kineo Joins Open Source LRS Project Learning Locker

City & Guilds Kineo, treble award winners and Learning Provider of the Year, has today joined another vital open source project, Learning Locker. Learning Locker is an open source Tin Can/xAPI Learning Record Store which will allow deeper learner tracking and enhance the learning industry as a whole. Sven Laux, City & Guilds Kineo's Technical Director has joined the governance board of the project.

The involvement reinforces City & Guilds Kineo’s ongoing commitment to Tin Can API and Learner Record Stores (LRS) as part of its services to clients.

Tin Can and LRSs will matter a lot going forward. Tin Can not only overcomes SCORM’s limitations but also adds so much more and all as part of the same data set. This opens up the potential for centralised location for all learning. Having a viable open source LRS will significantly speed up adoption and enable all of us to make the best of it. It also has the potential to comprehensively track Apprenticeship data, creating added value to services like the City & Guilds Kineo’s new Managed Qualification Service.

It’s early days for the Tin Can infrastructure, and there has been a small emergence of proprietary LRS providers already. As Learning Locker is open source, it will allow quick uptake and enable the entire industry to benefit from its innovations. Open source as a technical resource is also becoming exceedingly popular, with City & Guilds Kineo actively creating and contributing to key open source projects including Totara LMS and Adapt Learning.

Sven Laux, City & Guilds Kineo Technical Director and now part of the governance board for Learning Locker, said:

I am truly excited about being involved and working with an exceptional team. What struck me more than anything is the knowledge and experience of the individuals involved and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I also strongly believe in the success of the project and that it will make a positive difference to the Learning Industry. We see open source working successfully in a commercial business and are experiencing crowd sourcing work while at the same time doing something positive and ambitious for the learning industry.

I have no doubt that existing LMSs will quickly add LRS functionality but the great thing is that by separating the LRS out of the LMS, we open up other opportunities, which will allow us to put the learner first.

I look forward to adding my experience around open source and learning technology to the project.

To find out more about the open source Adapt Learning and Totara LMS, and the new Managed Qualification Service, join us at our Learning Insights Live events.


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