Kineo ELearning Boot Camp

Kineo US is offering a new elearning Boot Camp service for internal organizations. Sounds tough? It is – but in a good way. Kineo’s design team will come to your organization and work your internal team hard. The result? Better design.

Feel like your designers need some discipline?

Many of those working in the field stumble into the role of elearning designer almost by accident. They were classroom facilitators, front-line employees or technical experts. They know the inner workings of their company and their industry and are now responsible for designing and creating elearning programs. Too often the result is boring and uninspired elearning programs. They want to do better. But they need help. So how can you help your fledgling design team create more impact on your business and design better elearning programs?

Kineo’s E-LEARNING BOOT CAMP – a one to three day on-site workshop – will help those new to elearning quickly build a foundation for creating engaging and effective designs.

At Kineo, we’ve designed hundreds of learning programs for our clients. We’ve helped organizations solve a lot of different challenges through elearning and we’ve learned from those engagements. And now we’d like to share it with you and your internal learning teams so you can build on established standards and proven concepts to put in place more effective and efficient design processes.

In the Boot Camp, Kineo’s designers will lead customized workshops on site for your elearning design teams to help improve your internal design capabilities and build better in-house elearning.

Skilled and practiced elearning designers make design decisions based on intuition and experience. They’ve read the research and know the theories behind adult learning, visual and instructional design. They instinctively know what works because they’ve done it before. They create courses that successfully engage the learner through tone, flow and visual design – they create experiences that produce measurable results.

Sounds like the workout your team needs?

Call or email Cammy Bean, our VP of Learning Design, to discuss your challenges and learn how we can tailor a workshop to meet your needs. 888-414-5888 /

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