Kineo helps C&W save £1.5m through compliance e-learning

We've been helping Cable&Wireless deliver engaging and effective learning solutions for over 4 years. Our most recent collaboration has attracted wider media attention, with reporting on the £1.5 million savings that Cable&Wireless has achieved.

Kineo and Cable&Wireless have collaborated on a wide range of different approaches to address the challenges of delivering learning in a fast paced telecoms environment. These have included suites of rapid elearning modules delivered on a large scale in a matter of weeks, to web and LMS solutions. Recently, Kineo, and another provider of generic elearning content collaborated with Cable&Wireless to address the ongoing need for effective compliance elearning in the business.

Kineo worked closely with in-house subject matter experts to ensure the content and messages were relevant to C&W employees, then developed a suite of modules which covered key topics including Data Protection, Security Essentials and Health, Safety and the Environment.

The modules are short and to the point, not exceeding 30-40 minutes. Importantly for compliance elearning they’re focused on practical application, not needless legal information.

C&W has looked at savings “based on head count, salaries and how much time would otherwise have been spent away from the workplace, and calculated that it made savings of £1.5m. It claimed that elearning would continue to produce outstanding savings in comparison with traditional classroom-based method.”

Speaking to, Mike Booth of Cable&Wireless said: “Tasked with strategically planning the delivery of this elearning project, I wanted to ensure that these courses were packaged as a programme that was not only attractive and easy to use, but also highly efficient at producing measurable learning outcomes.”

Steve Rayson, Kineo Managing Director and account director for Cable&Wireless said: “We’re immensely proud of our collaboration with Mike and C&W. They’ve been at the forefront of effective elearning implementation for some time, and this proof of the benefits is great to see. We’re compliance elearning needs to delivers on learner engagement as well as business results – this programme has achieved both”.

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