'Konnect' NYC Brings Leaders Together to Discuss Common Compliance Training Challenges

Kineo, a global leader in learning and technology solutions, hosted a 'Konnect' learning and insights breakfast for over 35 L&D professionals on April 9th in Manhattan to discuss compliance and communication programs.

Compliance training is a challenging area for L&D professionals. It’s notorious for it’s “check the box” style -- a style that employees have learned to dread. Kineo invited some industry leaders to help tackle this subject. Topics ranging from “So how do L&D professionals balance procedure with engaging content and design? to “How can compliance training be more about learning and is it even learning”? were addressed.

“Every day we choose what we want to pay attention to and what we want to ignore. This is the same with learners,” said JC Kinnamon, Ph.D., Associate Editor of the International Journal of Corporate Learning, opening his presentation on “The Reluctant Learner.”

Cammy Bean, VP of Learning Design, Kineo US, presented “7 Tips to Improve Your Compliance Training.”

“Clients tell me all the time that they can’t continue to deliver the same types of courses and that their learners are drowning in boring,” said Bean. “We just can’t do that to our learners not if we are seeking learners that understand consequences and realize the impact of their actions.”

For the final 50 minutes, Gordon Lam and Ting Huang, UBS, led group discussion focused on company culture, design, success stories and L&D function and trends. Each table participated in a roundtable discussion and presented key discussion themes and insights to the whole group.

“A core ingredient of Kineo’s DNA is sharing,” said Meghan Young, Senior Solutions Consultant for Kineo US. Kineo’s inaugural NYC Konnect was in December 2013. Learning is an ever-changing industry. Konnect was created to bring like-minded professionals together to share insights and solutions as changes occur in the industry. 

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