Kineo Pacific to Attend Australian Instructional Design Conference 2012

Kineo Pacific will be attending the Australian Instructional Design Conference (AIDC) 2012 , which aims at spreading the message about designing instructionally sound and engaging learning. Organised by the LearnX Foundation, the event takes place on Wednesday 21st March at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Sue Dark, Director of Learning, and Tina Griffin, Elearning Manager, will be speaking about ‘downsizing’ our elearning’; meeting the creative challenge of designing bite-sized elearning using a range of learning technologies at our disposal. The focus is on how to be smarter with using a variety of approaches from social media through to short engaging and visually rich learning modules.

The event is intended for learning professionals working in corporate, government and academic settings. It will be of particular interest to those wishing to learn more about Instructional Design (ID) principles, processes and terminology. There is nothing better than hearing real case studies and listening to the experiences of instructional design professionals.

Sue also be delivering a seminar at 15.40 entitled ‘Is it time to downsize our eLearning?’ on whether a 20 minute elearning module cut it anymore and whether we can feed our learners’ appetite quickly enough:

  • Breaking up content for bite-sized experiences
  • Using visual media in a smart way to present your messages
  • Considering the impact of social media on our design approaches

Sue and Tina will also be joined on Kineo’s Exhibition stand by our Melbourne-based Business Development Manager, Zack Harvey, where we will be sharing examples of our work. Do come along and say hello if you are going to the event.

Learn more about the event and register at: