Learning at the Need of Speed - New Insight Report from e.learning age and City & Guilds Kineo

The top ten tasks for learning and development in 2014 have been set out by City & Guilds Kineo in a learning insights report published in association with e.learning age. The need for learning at the need of speed means businesses need to adjust their learning models.

Learning Insights was launched last year and this year sees the report based on research and conversations with leading L&D practitioners across the globe. The research reveals the context in which learning now takes place and what is affecting the need and speed required.

Other insights from the report include the idea that while learning technology has delivered speed, scale and reach, there is a need for higher empathy learning design with line managers remaining critical in this high empathy learning.

Reading the full report is essential for all L&D professionals: download a copy from the app store and Google Play; the e.learning age website or the City & Guilds Kineo website. All digital editions will be available from 10am Friday November 8th.

The report will be distributed to guests at the conclusion of the E-Learning Awards which takes place in the evening of 7th November 2013.

Peter Williams, editor, e.learning age, said: “This research report contains fascinating insights and is essential reading for all those involved in learning and development and elearning. This is the second year of the Learning Insight reports that City & Guilds Kineo and e.learning age have produced and the collaboration is producing some important results.”

Steve Rayson, managing director Kineo, managing director City & Guilds Kineo; said “We’ve been privileged to interview over 20 leading global businesses for this report including Vodafone, Barclays, Sony, Network Rail and many more. The report shows that the rise of personalisation and social tools are having a positive disruptive influence on learning in organisations. It’s a fascinating time to be in the learning technologies space and we encourage ambitious L&D teams to take note of the trends and opportunities set out in the report.”


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Steve Rayson - Managing Director, City & Guilds Kineo, 01273 674 070

Peter Williams - Editor, e.learning age, 020 8956 2450

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