HRIZON  2012 - The 14th Annual Human Resource Congress Conference Show Report

2,500 delegates, 1,000 tradeshow visitors, 150 exhibitors, and a vast array of amazing guest speakers was the perfect combination for HRIZON 2012 – The 14th World Human Resource Congress. Held on September 25-27th at the Melbourne Convention Centre, this sold out event was a fantastic chance for industry professionals and thought leaders from across the globe to come together and share insights and explore trends that are changing the way people work and companies operate.

Spanning over 3 days, the congress highlights included Steve Wozniak’s key note on ‘The Origins and Meaning of Creativity’. He discussed the events that led up to the creation of the first Apple computer and shared with great enthusiasm where his inspiration came from and the psychological considerations behind his technological creations.

Equally well received was Dave Ulrich, who explored with great passion the future trends in the HR industry, and Daniel H Pink who discussed both the known and the surprising internal motivators that push us to strive for more.

Key themes

When we attend conferences we love speaking to L&D professionals from companies of different sizes, shapes and industries to hear about their achievements and challenges. At HRIZON we were lucky to speak to over 200 professionals that visited our stand – below are a few of the key themes:

  • What e-learning can and can’t be developed for mobile devices? – There seems to be some serious confusion in the marketplace about what can and can’t be achieved when developing e-learning for mobile devices. Whilst HTML 5 is no silver bullet and certainly has its limitations, it appears that some e-learning vendors are much more advanced than others in their ability to develop highly-interactive and engaging e-learning that can be completed on mobile devices. (See some of Kineo’s latest work here)
  • Blended is better – It’s great to hear about the number of training programmes that are being implemented with a range of learning activities – both online and offline. Both face-to-face training and e-learning have many individual benefits and implemented together have even more. It seems the trend for exploring blended learning programmes is increasing. 
  • Employee demand for e-learning – Many people we spoke to mentioned that the newest generation that are entering their organisations (known as Gen Ys, Gen Next or Millennials depending on who you ask) are not only welcoming the use of e-learning and other online learning tools – but are expecting it. It is proving popular particularly as part of their induction programmes and for ‘Just In Time’ learning. 


The conference also provided a number of opportunities to socialise.  Both the welcome reception which launched the congress and the black tie Gala Dinner – featuring well known Australian talent Jessica Mauboy – were both highlights of the event.


Kineo Pacific was incredibly pleased to be a part of the HRIZON experience and would like to thank everyone who was involved for all their hard work and dedication to what was a phenomenal event.

We look forward to keeping in touch with all our new friends from HRIZON.