New Community Site Launched For Adapt Open Source Elearning Project

Today sees the launch of a new community site for Adapt, an open source authoring tool for designing and developing responsive, multi-device elearning.

Adapt is an open source framework for multi-device, mobile learning created by City & Guilds Kineo. It enables the development of a single piece of elearning in HTML5 that will run on multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. This solves a major challenge in elearning design, removing the need for multiple versions for different devices. Adapt creates a single version that reduces costs, increases access and conforms with SCORM conformant LMSs.

City & Guilds Kineo decided to make the Adapt project open source to benefit the whole elearning development community globally – and to see contributions. Already two elearning companies, Learning Pool and Sponge UK have joined the open source project and are making contributions. The new Adapt community site will act as the central hub for the Adapt open source project.  The vision is "To create, as a community, the leading elearning authoring tool for producing responsive elearning content".

You can access the new community site at

Everyone is welcome to join the community, from developers keen to contribute to and use the framework, to elearning teams inside organisations who want to keep up to date on developments.

Sven Laux, City & Guilds Kineo Technical Director said: This is a great time to get involved for people who are interested in helping to shape this project or simply want to follow our discussions. It’s early days but we are blown away by the level of interest and commitment from our founding partners and the marketplace we are already seeing. Our timelines are quite ambitious and we want to build up the initial codebase for the framework by the end of the year, with an authoring tool following quickly”.

Since launching the Adapt project, City & Guilds Kineo has developed multi-device responsive elearning for clients including Compass, Network Rail and Scouts Association. 

Contact us to find out more about how we can develop in elearning in Adapt for you.

By Steve Rayson


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