Rapid Elearning Authoring Tools Survey

17/07/06. The selection of elearning authoring tools is based on three key criteria, according to the findings of Kineo's recent online survey. The survey showed that while there is no clear winner in the authoring tools market yet, several tools are making headway.

Over 70 respondents took part in the survey and provided their views on a wide range of authoring issues including:

  • What tools they use
  • The factors that influence which ones they buy
  • How many people are skilled in using them
  • The time taken to become competent
  • How they use that content
  • What features are missing in general from existing tools.

The three key criteria for selecting an elearning authoring tool were as follows:

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Interoperability (the ability to integrate with Learning Management Systems)

The survey showed that time to competency tends to be quick for most people and can be as little as two days. This is a credit to the simplicity and usability of most tools. This factor alone brings the soft implementation costs significantly down compared to previous generation tools - but don't forget to budget for them nonetheless.

Dr Matt Fox, Kineo Partner, commented: "The survey showed that rapid authoring appears to be able to make an impact in many important subject areas and can be used in a wide range of delivery including standalone and blended approaches. There are few barriers to using it for key learning and development initiatives."

Finally the survey revealed that there is still extensive scope for enhancing and improving tools both technically and in terms of how they guide best practice design, which remains critical in the era of rapid elearning.

See the full rapid elearning tools survey results here.