Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark Study

logo towards maturityAs an Ambassador of the Towards Maturity benchmark study, Kineo invites you to join the 1800 organisations that have already taken part in the largest learning technology benchmark in Europe.

Benchmarking allows you to compare the processes and performance metrics of your learning technologies to the industry’s best, and can provide you with a baseline to chart improvements in performance and reductions in costs.

Being part of Towards Maturity’s free benchmark study is easy; it takes between forty minutes to an hour to carry out the online survey, and you can either do it individually or as part of a team discussion. 

When completed, participants receive a complimentary paper entitled 101 Tips for Success and a free personalised company benchmark report, worth £300 about six weeks later.

Don’t hesitate - an astonishing 73% of participants report that just taking part in the study had given them new ideas to improve the impact of their learning services. 

To take part in the survey, visit

Have more questions about benchmarking? Read 10 Questions about the Towards Maturity Benchmark.

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