OzLearn Twitter Chat Review

On Tuesday October 14th following the annual LearnX Conference in Melbourne, Steve Rayson, co-founder of Kineo, took to the monthly @Ozlearn chat on Twitter to join Australian learning and development professionals, to tweet collectively and share ideas about the biggest challenges facing the L&D industry - and how to face them. 

The chat was a great success with over 116 tweets, and 29 participants (and many more lurkers), sharing their ideas on innovation, supporting new models, demonstrating value and L&D interventions, in reference to Steve's preliminary blog post.

The night kicked off with participants asked to share examples of high level innovation taking place in learning programmes in Australia, and the results poured in. From social to peer learning, blended learning programmes with powerful staff interviews, augmented realities to QR Codes and tablets used to support performance and augmented realities - without a doubt, it would appear that the Australian L&D industry is moving in the right direction and keeping with the pace of how technology is quickly changing the nature of corporate learning. A big topic that got the crowd talking was about user generated content - and how involving learners can be advantageous as it opens up the learning process and ownership beyond the learning team while, recognizing and supporting learners on a whole new level. Are you using innovative approaches in your learning programmes, if so, how? Share with us how you're getting innovative with your learning programmes in our comments section!

From there, the chat delved into how learning and development professionals support the move by organisations to new business models. As Steve mentioned in his preliminary blog post, "New business models, made possible by digitisation and the internet, are challenging traditional thinking." With customer service happening on Twitter, or other areas online - to self service becoming superior to face-to-face arrangements - what does this mean for L&D and how do we meet this growing challenge? Ozlearners jumped on quickly to this topic with gumption, first identifying the need to determine the motives for new business models - such as budget, first to market, a push from more of an internal to external customer focus. The conversation quickly came back to the managers - and whether or not they have the capability to provide the proper support in this changing environment. The result was astonishing, with agreement across the board, that managers need to play a role in designing and supporting learning, and to help measure impact of these learning programmes especially when new business models are involved. During this portion of the chat, it became increasingly clear through the numerous tweets, that managers need to be upskilled, or, supported by other areas of the business, to take on these new roles to be a bigger part of the learning process. Steve brought up a great question, that  when new business models have more remote working manager who don't physically meet their teams, how are they able to engage, train and develop them? What are the solutions then? Share your ideas in the comments below. 

Overall, the OzLearn Chat was filled with great ideas by members of the L&D community - and a great way to see where we're at, and where we are heading. Want to know more about what happened during the OzLearn chat with Steve Rayson? You can read the entire Storify here. 

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