Play to Learn by Learning to Play [Webinar Recording & Slides]

How do you foster creativity in a corporate learning space? What about playful learning? In our recent webinar, Play to Learn by Learning to Play, we looked at some of these concepts in practice. 

Creativity is fundamental to living in the conceptual age. This is the age of technology and digital - where information is everywhere and the highest value of skills these days, is the ability to solve problems. Creativity is something that we want learners to have in almost in every role, particularly in skills roles. So how do we foster it? 

How do we allow people to break out of the idea of being told what to do and instead how to learn on their own? 

Yesterday, Senior Instructional Designer Richard Durham shared practical examples and insights with attendees on how to foster an atmosphere of creativity and further learning, using play. Because playful learning can be fun - it can be engaging and exploratory, and collaborative. This type of learning is modern, playful learning. So how can you start integrating some of these concepts and techniques into your own elearning? Here's 5 tips to remember when implementing elements of play into your elearning. 

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