Putting ourselves to the test with work experience

Work experience.

For some, those two words represent a few weeks of filing documents and answering phone calls. For others, it brings opportunity, a chance to learn new skills and to address the elephant in the room – what’s working in the big wide world really like?

Breaking the old school stigma

At Kineo, we love to challenge the idea that work experience is boring or a waste of time. My personal view is that work experience is a goldmine. If you love what you’re doing for a few weeks – brilliant, start exploring that career route a bit further. If that department wasn’t for you, then that’s also fine, you’ve ticked one avenue off your list and that means one step closer to figuring out what you want to do.

Gone are the days of filing (we have the cloud for that) it’s now the age of offering quality experiences. We’ve recently shared what makes up a good work experience scheme - so if you want to start offering your own placement give that post a read first.

How are we doing?

As well as sharing my thoughts on why I am pro work experience I also wanted to share feedback from some of the students we’ve had the pleasure of working with so far.

Kirsten – 1 week placement in the graphics team

I’ve developed so many new skills such as verbal communication, IT and confidence. I am thankful for this amazing experience as I have learnt how to use different softwares and programmes which have immensely helped me with my illustrations. During this week I’ve been to many meetings, and have contributed ideas to the team. I have received good feedback which I will act upon.

The Kineo team has been nothing but helpful and friendly. I have learnt so much about the company and I have realised how much Kineo has contributed to the community.

Brandon – 1 week placement in the marketing and graphics teams

I have had a fantastic experience developing different skills and exploring the different roles and responsibilities attached to the job role of a digital marketer. I’ve developed skills such as the ability to solve programs independently before asking for help from others. Self-confidence, being innovative and more creative than I was when I walked into the office a week ago.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Kineo and met some great people who have helped me a lot. I recommend this work experience to any other person looking to learn about a marketing/graphics job.

I also caught up with Nathan Attenborough, our Digital Content Producer and one of our work experience mentors, to see why he is such a champion of our programme:

I believe giving young people an insight into the real world of work is incredibly important. Not only can it help them learn new skills in a field that they’re interested in, it can really help them develop confidence, identify future career paths and improve their communication skills.


If you would like to find out more about our programme please head over to our work experience page.

This programme is part of our shaping futures campaign – an initiative that explores and celebrates how we give back to our communities. Listen to our group chat about the initiatives we’ve been taking part in.