Strategic Storytelling for Learning [SLIDES & RECORDING]

From David and Goliath to Finding Nemo, we all know the value of a story and how it can compel, inspire and even educate. It’s been said that if you can hook and engage your audience up front with a good story, all the more likely they'll stay the journey. So why are stories so effective and how can you craft a good narrative in your learning programmes?

On February 25th, attendees from across the globe joined Souraya Khoury, Kineo Pacific's Learning Solutions Manager, to better understand the value of stories in learning. Souraya shared practical examples, explained key elements of a good story, and answered those storytelling FAQs including: whether or not audio and visual elements need to be included in stories, how many stories should be included in one learning programme and many more. If you missed out on this free webinar, or if you're keen to review some of the key elements of storytelling, catch the webinar in full webinar below. 

Webinar Recording: 


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