Susan's Story: From Client to Consultant

Early in her career, Susan Hurley found herself managing the training the of hundreds of call center reps at a large company. The process was daunting and she thought,"There has got to be a better way to do this." Not too long after this, Susan was introduced to the power of an LMS and she hasn't looked back since: she's now a Senior Implementation Consultant for Kineo US, and an expert in Totara LMS implementations. 

Once a Client Searching for an LMS, Now She's Building Them

Read on to find out more about Susan's story and her experience of working at Kineo. 

How did you get involved in the LMS space? 

Susan Hurley, Senior Implementation Consultant

"It all started when I was working at TIVO. All of the customer support was outsourced to a call center. I was hired by TIVO to serve as a liaison between TIVO and the call center."

"As the product changed, I was tasked with communicating changes to the call center, and as the company grew, my role became focused on training the call center reps. I was then promoted to online support and training, meaning I was not only responsible for training the call center, but also training TIVO corporate."

"When that happened I thought to myself, “There has got to be a better way to do this – a system or something?” This is when I went to conferences like DevLearn and learned about what was called an LMS. I was captivated."

"This piqued my interest and made me want to explore a job focused on LMS implementation."

What fires you up about working in the LMS space?

"I have a unique perspective. I always say, “I was a client first”. So when a client is talking about the struggles they are having, I think it adds a level of empathy  since I’ve been there myself."

"I really like the problem solving. I’ll get an email from a client saying, “Here’s what I’m seeing”, and I really enjoy walking them through the process to a solution."

"An LMS is a system that’s doing good for a company – sometimes the world. It fills a need that’s very real."

"I like Totara because instead of being an LMS full of constraints, it’s an LMS that says, “Here’s what you can do”. It’s all about what you can do, not what you can’t. We can build whatever you want, and to be able to work with clients on achieving their goals is really rewarding."

What brought you to Kineo?

"I was attracted to Kineo for a few reasons. Totara looked interesting because it was a new platform. I had worked with other LMS’ in the past, but Totara was different. Totara is all about customization – building what you want – and that was an area I was very interested in. I liked the idea that I could help define the system for my clients."

"I liked that Kineo was a start-up. There was lots of opportunity for autonomy, and I knew I would be able to see the impact of my work."

What’s been your favorite part of working at Kineo?

"Solutioning. I love diving into super challenging projects and helping clients walk through issues to a solution. Some of the projects are so taxing, but when you reach a goal it is so rewarding."

"I love seeing clients happy. It makes it all worthwhile."

What do you like to do outside of work?

"I am a huge lover of live music, especially concerts that are only standing space and dancing. Those are my favorites. I am also known by friends for my quilting: Anytime a friend gets married or has a baby, I make them a quilt. I’ve lost count of how many – probably more than 30 quilts!"

"I guess you could call me an adventurous person. I like to live life in the moment  being present."

Parting thoughts?

"Be where your hands are. Live in the present and be where you are. Life moves too quickly, and with all of the technology, it’s easy to get swept up and miss out on what’s happening around you. Stay present."


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