The Benefits of an Accreditation

So you have done the hard bit, you’ve created an in-house training programme that’s engaging and fits the needs of your business and employees. But now you want it internationally recognised.

Well that’s where an accreditation comes in. An accreditation stands as a mark of quality for learning and development programmes that businesses have already put in place.

Be different And Stand out from the crowd 

Regulations instil trust and from an investment perspective, the government and general public are more inclined to strive to work for accredited companies with a proven reputation of reliability and efficiency. 80% of City & Guilds Kineo accreditation clients market their accreditation as a key advantage externally to their customers. The return on investment in training is huge as businesses can actively attract new clients by reducing associated risks of working with non-accredited organisations.

How Does This Drive Effectiveness?

As a company grows, sub-groups and departments start to develop. At this point first class learning and development become a vital component in ensuring consistency towards working standards and best practice. With an accreditation you can aid the measurement of consistency and help to gauge success. 

The success of a business, from SMEs right through to multinational companies, relies upon employees’ effectiveness and consistency. Offering reliable accredited training across an organisation instils loyalty in employees and confidence in clients or partners. And offering this training in-house reduces costs associated with travel and being out of the office, in turn improving efficiency. 

What Our Clients Say

Here at City & Guilds Kineo we have been helping organisations develop through our accreditation scheme for over eight years. Feedback from Countrywide, the UK’s leading provider of integrated property services, showed that 86% of their internal training candidates strongly believe City & Guilds qualifications add value to their roles and help the organisation stand out from competition. 

In a recent case study Ben Wesley, Quality Assurance Manager for George Supplier Academy, reported a noticeable efficiency increase once their AQL training became accredited: ‘Since the introduction of the AQL Inspection Accreditation training we have seen an 8% decrease in our Defective Returns Rate.’ 

What’s In a Name?

A City & Guilds accreditation is valued across a wide span of industries – from private to public sector and ranges in form. From work-schemes to e-learning modules and specially blended programmes.

The parameters of accreditation are generally set on an industry specific case-by-case basis. Starting with an initial company audit, methods are then deployed across the organisation that work with the industry and company requirements. Annual reviews ensure the quality standards of the business remain high.

This mark of quality on your in-house learning and development will increase not only efficiency but will also provide a boost to your business opportunities. It’s a great way of making sure your employees stay satisfied, motivated and ultimately are an effective workforce.

To read more about accreditation and its benefits see here. Alternatively if you have any questions you would like to ask our team then please drop us a line we would love to hear from you.  

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