10 Ways To Love Your LMS (Or At Least Stop Hating It)

It happens. Your relationship with your LMS starts off great, however along the way things don't quite go as planned and you're left feeling unloved (and out of pocket!). Let's bring back some love.

So how do you start to re-ignite the love between you and your LMS? We've compiled your most common gripes, and helped to show that there doesn't have to be love lost between you and your learning management system. At City & Guilds Kineo we've designed and developed over 100 LMS solutions using Totara and Moodle for our global clients, including some of the biggest Totara solutions in the world - so we've seen where the challenges are and can help you overcome them. Here are our ten tips for keeping the flame alive:

Recording of the webinar:

Slides from the webinar:

Thinking Totara LMS might be the solution for you? Great - contact us for a demo, or you can read more about it.

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