If Your Learning Is Going Multi-Device, Shouldn’t Your LMS Too?

The need to accommodate more pervasive learning styles has been clear for some time. Equally, the unrelenting growth of smartphone and tablets has inevitably entered the world of learning. The demand for the delivery of learning on multi-device has grown exponentially, which is where Totara LMS Mobile can help.

Due to the speed at which technology has progressed, learners now have high expectations of all the technology they use and (you guessed it), this means they expect it at work now too. So what do you do when you have a LMS that learners want to access, but when they’re on the move?

Maybe I’ll just go mobile…

We’re not saying that the entire LMS offering should be multi-device (particularly when it comes to administrative duties), but there’s a number of features that learners will expect if they’re told they can access their learning whilst on the move. There’s a certain amount of needs analysis that must take place before you go down the multi-device route. But when used properly, a multi-device offering can enhance and compliment the learning experience and often give learners the freedom to explore the LMS in their own time.

We’re leading the development of the Totara LMS Mobile project, and are pretty excited already about what it can do.

Some of the key features which are available on any device with an internet connection:

  • Simple, uncluttered interface and homepage
  • Ability to access and complete multi-device elearning content any time, any where
  • Easy access to key Totara LMS features including course enrolment

If you’re already using Totara as your learning management system, Totara LMS Mobile is the next step to ensuring your employees can access their learning on multiple devices.

2014 promises to be an exciting year for Totara, so join us for our next Totara User Group, taking place on May 15, where we’ll be looking at the latest release and what’s next on the roadmap.

If you want to see how City & Guilds Kineo can help your business’ learning become multi-device, get in touch – we’d be happy to help.


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