Moodle Update June 2010

In the first of our new monthly Moodle updates, we look how Moodle and open source continue to gain traction in the enterprise, according to a recent Accenture survey.

Moodle and Open Source gaining traction in the Enterprise

Moodle and Open Source has hit the Enterprise and is here to stay - it's official! According to an Accenture survey published this month, more than 65% of organizations anticipate increasing their investment in Open Source this year, and almost 40% said that they expect to migrate mission-critical software to Open Source within the next 12 months. The survey of 300 blue-chip organizations found that the financial and technology sectors were the most commited with the public sector lagging behind. The survey results tallied with a recent survey by industry analysts 451 Group in that both sets of Open Source enterprise adopters cited a number of common Open Source benefits: improvements in reliability, quality, security and flexibility.

Not to say we told you so, but....

When Kineo started evangelising Open Source at our inception four years ago we knew then that it made perfect sense for corporates. While our rapid growth as a company has seen us make significant inroads into the enterprise with our e-learning content and platforms, Open Source has achieved a similar enterprise trajectory over the same period.

The change in attitudes within the enterprise is palpable. By necessity our Open Source sales message 3-4 years ago was all about countering the fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) that was being put about by proprietary vendors who have since woken up and risen to the challenge, forced to either innovate or die. Now we've got past a tipping point, the conversation has moved on to the Open Source advantage: the cost-benefits, the improved reliability and quality, the system integration possibilities, reduced vendor lock-in, the flexibility to make the system do what you want. Moodle has risen from the underdog to the dominant global LMS, with 50,000 implementations serving 35 million learners, and that's just the registered sites, which in our experience represent the tip of the iceberg.

Our experiences as an Open Source LMS supplier reflect these surveys . Our regular readers will know that we just rolled out a Moodle based LMS and Joomla CMS into the world's largest retailer, Tesco. We have done implementations at some of the world's best known global enterprises: McDonalds, Toshiba, Nikon, EMI, Virgin as well as large public sector implementations at Ministry of Justice and Great Ormond Street Hospital Trust. But it's not just the increasing enterprise traction that is significant in the Accenture announcement; it's that 40% also expect to migrate mission-critical systems to Open Source this coming year. It's another important step-change and again, we are seeing exactly the same among our own customers with a number of distance learning organisations and professional bodies currently using Kineo to implement high availability, mission critical learning platforms using open source software.


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